Olivewood Applicators/ Picks - Set of 4

Olivewood Applicators/ Picks - Set of 4

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Used since antiquity these sustainably hand-carved olive wood applicators can be washed, sanitized and reused for many months if not years.

Olivewood is extremely hardy and non-porous. This makes it resistant to bacteria, easy to clean, and very versatile to use.

Variations in sizes and shapes are natural due to the process. Wood patterns are also varied due to uniqueness of each piece of olivewood used.

Size: ~2.5" / ~6.3 cm (from batch to batch length might vary due to handmade process)

Material: olivewood from mature, non producing trees already replaced by new trees - this makes it a sustainable craft

Uses: apply henna or castor oil to lash line or brows or get a dozen for house parties and use as skewers for appetizers!