Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Protection

Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Protection

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Crystal Protection Obsidian Bracelet: Protection Bracelet / Black Obsidian :A sense of safety and security comes over you, and you feel protected with our amazing Obsidian Protection bracelets.

Made with protective stones and cedar wood, these bracelets are powerful.

NOTE: Due to the natural beauty of stone and wood, each piece varies slightly. High Quality Crystals and Cedar Wood Water Resistant Obsidian Protection bracelet.

Obsidian: A very powerful, grounding, and protective stone.

Labradorite: A stone of spiritual development. Shields from outside unwanted energies. One of the most powerful stones for energy protection.

Tiger's Eye: A popular stone for strength, wisdom, and courage. A must have in a protection bracelet.

Tourmaline: One of the most popular protective stones, also work with the heart chakra.