Cotton Drawstring Bags - 3 pack
Cotton Drawstring Bags - 3 pack

Cotton Drawstring Bags - 3 pack

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Cotton muslin bulk shopping bags are washable, durable, foldable and reusable for grocery shopping or food storage. They are 100% GOTS organic cotton and free from any synthetic plastic-based materials such as polyester or nylon. 

Comes with a drawstring and wooden bead. Tags have the Tare weight to subtract the weight of the bag at checkout. 

3-pack includes: 
1 x Small sized bag (7.75"x9.75" Tare: 0.74oz)
1 x Medium sized bag (9.75"x11.75" Tare: 1.06oz)
1 x Large sized bag (11.75"x13.75" Tare: 1.38oz)

Large Sized Bulk Bag: great for oatmeal, rice, quinoa, or larger bulk buys. 

Medium Sized Bulk Bag: perfect for everyday bulk shopping- rice, grains, beans, etc.

Small Sized Bulk Bag: works well for smaller bulk buys like nuts.

Packaging: Comes with a recyclable kraft paper sleeve.