Yoga Mat - Cork

Yoga Mat - Cork

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EcoStrength's Premium Natural Cork Yoga Mat is eco-friendly and durable. Cork's antimicrobial cellular makeup helps lock out germs and fight against odors, making it the perfect surface for yoga.

For an added bonus, its natural rubber bottom helps keep it flat on the ground while the strong guideline featuring a lotus keeps your centered and focused.


  • All-natural premium cork  
  • Dense 6mm thickness for joint protection and back support
  • Natural cork closed-cell design for germ and odor control
  • Guidelines featuring a locus to keep you grounded and centered 
  • Wider than standard yoga mats
  • Natural rubber bottom for anti-slip


  • 6mm thick
  • 72 inches long
  • 24 inches wide


  • Cork
  • Recycled Rubber