Solid Dog Shampoo - COZY Dog

Solid Dog Shampoo - COZY Dog

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As temperatures drop and we spend more time inside, winterize your dog with our limited-edition shampoo on a Rope.

Bentonite clay helps with winter dryness and irritations and coffee grinds for a gentle exfoliation.

The addition of the rope makes storing and drying easy so you get more washes per bar. It’s warm, earthy and relaxing scent is perfect to get your pup ready to snuggle up and get cozy!

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils: coconut; soybean; canola; castor; bentonite clay +
organic coffee grinds and natural fragrance

Product Dimensions

3.5x1 in

Handcrafted in Small Batches

** Up-to-12 washes per bar. Your dog’s size, coat and frequency of use will determine bar life.

Color, size and weight may vary. (approx. avg. weight: 3.75-5oz.)