Deodorant Cream - Orange Vetiver
Deodorant Cream - Orange Vetiver

Deodorant Cream - Orange Vetiver

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Notes of bright citrus sunshine combine with vibrant and smoky vetiver to delight your senses in this unexpectedly rich and sultry seasonal scent.

Boosted With Activated Charcoal

Packaged in a glass jar with recyclable metal lid. 

To Use: Gently rub a pea sized amount into clean armpits with your fingertips.

Is your deodorant too creamy, or perhaps it's too firm?  Hot temperatures will result in a much creamier deodorant as the coconut oil melts in the high 70's. Some separation may occur and is natural. Simply give your deodorant a good stir and pop in the refrigerator until firm. 

When the temperature gets too cold, it may cause the coconut oil to harden and may make it difficult to remove product from the jar. Your fingertip should warm it up enough to rub in and your armpit will also help with that once it touches your skin.