Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Grounding

Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Grounding

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Anxiety Grounding Bracelet with Black Onyx, Obsidian, and Picture Jasper.

Do you ever feel stressed? You may feel better by grounding yourself with our powerful obsidian, black onyx, and picture jasper grounding bracelet. Made with high quality crystals to bring you to your center and relax.

Stretchy Bracelet

Snowflake Obsidian:
A very powerful, grounding, and protective stone. Helps to melt away stress.

Picture Jasper:
A very grounding and insightful stone. Brings calming and pictures of the future.

A grounding and calming healing stone that helps with anxiety and stress relief. Very powerful.

Please note that due to the natural beauty of gems and crystals, shapes and colors may slightly vary.

High Quality Crystals and Wood
Water Resistant
Cruelty Free: No Animal Products