Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Air

Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Air

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Air Sign Inspired Crystal Bracelet

This bracelet has been designed with Fluorite, Amethyst, Aventurine and Cedar Wood to bring the wearer deep focus and inner peace so that desired goals and ambitions may be achieved.


Strengthens mental focus and clarity. Balances the mind and body. Perfect for balancing the Gemini's mind.

Removes negativity, brings peace, and is an amazing overall healing crystal.

Helps to achieve goals, brings abundance, and creates positive energy.

Cedar Wood:
Cedar, a species of strength, wisdom, and courage. Humbling, and brings inner peace.

Please note that due to the natural beauty of gems and crystals, shapes and colors may slightly vary.

High Quality Crystals and Wood
Water Resistant
Cruelty Free: No Animal Products