Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Chakra

Crystal + Wood Bracelet - Chakra

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This healing crystal gemstone bracelet was designed to help balance the chakra energy system, bring inner peace, and ground you to stay happy and level headed.

Each gemstone brings it's own special properties and can help you balance your 7 Chakras.

AMETHYST: CROWN CHAKRA: Discover enlightenment through your crown chakra with Amethyst - inner peace of healing - mind, body and soul and deeper meditations.

LAPIS LAZULI: THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Search for your spiritual purpose in your third eye with lapis lazuli - inner truth, intuition and higher consciousness.

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: THROAT CHAKRA: Communicate with the power of the Throat Chakra with Turquoise Howlite - emotional expression and awareness.

AVENTURINE: HEART CHAKRA: Learn the unconditional love of your Heart Chakra with Aventurine - love, calmness, prosperity and balance.

CITRINE: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Balance your emotions through your solar plexus with Citrine - emotional warmth and inner self development.

CARNELIAN: SACRAL CHAKRA: Increase creativity through your Sacral Chakra with Carnelian - harmony, gratitude, and creativity.

GARNET: ROOT CHAKRA: Ground yourself through your root chakra with Jasper - grounding, passion, romantic love, instinct and self confidence.

Cedar Wood Beads: Cedar, a species of strength, wisdom, and courage. Humbling, and brings inner peace.