Coconut Scrubber
Coconut Scrubber

Coconut Scrubber

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Looking for a sustainable swap for your steel wool scrubbers?  

Stiff but malleable coconut husk bristles are designed to handle heavy duty cleaning; ideal for scrubbing out stains, stuck on food, removing labels from jars, tub and shower build-up, etc. Works on a variety of surfaces including cast iron. 

Duration: Can be used for 6 months-1 year.

Size: 4"x4"x2"

Care Instructions: Hang to dry in between uses or on a dry towel to allow bristles to drain. Never leave submerged in water as it will wear on the natural bristles and may cause premature fall out. If you need to clean your brush, clean bristles with vinegar to kill bacteria.

Mother Earth Approved: Coconut fiber bristles and a metal wire.

How to Dispose:  Can be demoted to household cleaning then home composted. Metal wire can be scrap metal recycled.