Bento Bags Bundle
Bento Bags Bundle
Bento Bags Bundle
Bento Bags Bundle

Bento Bags Bundle

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Grocery shopping will be a lot more fun when you use these cute Bento Bags instead of the plastic produce bags!  These eco friendly Japanese style tie bags are perfect for grabbing produce, using as a lunch tote, and even storing snacks on the go.

They are made with 100% flannel cotton and easy to machine wash.

This bundle includes a set of (3) bags: small, medium and large.

Approximate bag weights: Large: 1.7 oz., Medium: 1.1 oz., Small: 0.7 oz.

TARE weight is stamped on label, so you don't have to pay for the weight of the bag. 

Approximate bag sizes: 

Large: 13" wide x 11" height (+10" straps)

Medium: 11" wide x 9" height (+8" straps)

Small: 8" wide x 7" height (+7" straps)

You can choose from 2 different print styles:  Vintage Lemon or Colorful Variety (each size will be a different random print)