About Me



Have you ever just snapped a picture and didn't really think much about it at the time but then look back at it and experience an epiphany?

As a mother trying her best to raise smart, caring, independent individuals, I realize that I have the ability to influence them directly but what impact am I having on the environment they live in that can ensure the health and safety of our loved ones as well as our world.

Although I do not have an environmental studies degree or knowledge in natural resource management, I am an eco-conscious consumer on a mission to find better sustainable alternatives for my family. 

Sustaining Bliss was created for all those beautiful souls above.  

The essential products we bring into our home today will have a lasting impact on the environment for many, many years down the road.  There are better options that won't continue to add to our landfills.

Sustaining Bliss has partnered with a variety of different brands that are equally passionate and zero waste focused. We carry fun and unique eco-friendly solutions for your sustainable living journey.